Why the name?

The name is an abbreviated version of coevolve which was inspired by the grouping together of Evolve and their salon network. The name is a perfect blend of Evolve and their clients – the salons. By having the word ‘Co’ within the brand name, this is an authentic reflection of who created this brand – the salons!

Designed by Stylists

Cove is a brand that has been designed and created by salons for salons and their clients. These are the people behind the brand, the backbone, the designers, the creators, the educators.

Simple products that perform!

Designed with functionality in mind, COVE is a compact product range that does what it says it will. The product line up consists of the top key products requested and have been crafted with Superfood Ingredients that everyone understands. Food ingredients that are rich in antioxidants can protect against the effects of pollution. COVE has been formulated with superfood Ingredients such as: Matcha, Avocado, Coconut, Pomegranate, and Olive.

Symbio-Phi Technology

Symbio-Phi Technology Combines the philosophy from Italian Mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, known as "Nature's Code" and the Golden Ratio with the idea of Symbiosis. This sequence can be found all around us, from flower petals, to seashells, and is an essential ratio to creating natural beauty. Why you ask? Because nature always follows the most efficient way of doing things.

Using this ratio, Symbios-Phi Technology has the proper balance of Amino Acids to Proteins to promote and improve the condition of the hair. This complex is also designed to create a healthy scalp environment and encourage hair growth.

Regardless of its current state, hair damage is inevitable. Factors include not only the environment, but also chemical processes like color and lightener as well as heat styling. Our proprietary amino acid complex is made so that the amino acids form a stronger and longer chain, resulting in deeper penetration into the cortex of the hair. At the core of this technology is a unique COValent bond that, when combined with our unique delivery system, results in a more efficient reparative process, leaving the hair in better condition.